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TESSALink for EX Inspections offshore reduces time spent with 50%!

Oppdatert: 23. jun. 2020

The TESSALink platforms are used to execute thousands of EX-inspections in hazardous areas every year, with Transocean as one client using our platforms for this purpose.

Going from excel/handwriting with its delays/errors on its way to the “punch in to system” to execute live updates of asset data via mobile devices inclusive RFID for safe ID-catch generates multiple advantages from day 1;- up to 50% saved inspection time, safety in correct asset updates, report data available as soon as inspector clicks save or sync data with no need for afterwork besides option to take unlimited images and add to the reports.

  • All EX-inspections performed via mobile applications fitted for online/offline use

  • RFID technology is used for immediate id capture and update of correct asset; - leaving no risk for errors

  • Immediate registration of “new” assets detected during inspections

  • Mobile applications capture images to each inspection task and update asset details immediately

  • Integrate with current ERP/maintenance systems for transferring inspections data

iTAG Solutions provides a solid software solution, TESSALink, to add efficiency and quality to operational processes. Quick, flexible, integrated and customizable at affordable pricing.

Please refer to our website for more information or send request to

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